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Our engineers have decades of experience in the design and manufacture of microwave and EPR instrumentation. We specialize in the application of microwave design expertise to provide unique solutions for the scientific and industrial communities.

Some of the designs for our industrial customers have included X and K Band radars for level sense and security applications. We have also produced unique TDR instrumentation for the determination of water content in sands, soils, aggregates, and cement for use in the construction industry. Typical designs for process control have included interferometers for moisture content in the pulp and plastic industries.

We have a complete line of microwave and millimeter wave sources and sweepers for general purpose use by the scientific community. Our instruments span the range from 200 MHz up to 535 GHz and beyond. These instruments are used in the design and testing of various microwave products as well as research into the basic properties of engineering materials. Our scientific instruments also include a complete line of EPR spectrometers and associated accessories.

 Our spectrometers span the range from small tabletop models all the way up to our huge fifteen inch pole face Model ST15. Our microwave bridges are available from the L to the Q microwave bands. We have frequently modified components from our systems to upgrade and repair older spectrometers from other manufacturers. All of our spectrometers interface with SUMMIT-EPR, a WINDOWS based acquisition and analysis software package. SUMMIT-EPR provides an intuitive mouse-driven graphical user interface where complete control of all experimental parameters is provided by pull-down menus and associated dialog boxes. Powerful post-processing algorithms such as baseline correction, algebraic manipulation, integration, and spin concentration are only a mouse click away.

Our customers in the defense industry have included all branches of the services, as well as most of the leading defense contractors. In addition to our standard microwave products, we have also designed and produced custom microwave ATE instrumentation for use in ECM and ELINT testing. These turn-key systems have featured complete computer control and multiband frequency coverage.

We would be pleased to discuss the use of any of our instruments to satisfy your particular needs.

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